How An ACPI Certified Coach Helps You!

A parent coach is a trained and certified professional who helps you achieve your goals in creating a fulfilling family life.
As your coach, I will help you clarify what you want to accomplish, set specific goals and make an effective action plan.  I provide you with support, structure, perspective and techniques as we move through the coaching process together.  I am your best cheerleader!  My job also is to hold you accountable for making progress toward meeting your goals.

Parent coaching is inspirational, educational and practical.
We will discover together how much you already know about how to create a healthy home life.  In the occasional “need to know” moment, I will provide skills training in a practical way, so you can use new concepts and skills right away and apply them to your situation.  Coaching is designed to unlock and maximize your parenting potential.

Parent coaching is transformational and beneficial.
The focus of coaching is achieving your goals in parenting and communicating with family members.  We will identify specific plans and ways of thinking that will move you toward achieving your desired goals.  Since our focus will be on the present and the future, we will usually not direct our attention to past issues or missteps.  However, an outcome of coaching is often that healing old history does take place.

The structure of coaching is flexible.
We will design a coaching arrangement that meets your individual needs and schedule.  The basic design consists of:

  • an intake interview
  • an intial session to create a coaching strategy
  • regular on-going coaching sessions (usually by phone)

Coaching sessions are usually weekly or every other week, lasting for 50 minutes.  Sessions may be focused on one specific challenge you are facing, or on a much broader set of family issues.  Coaching relationships to make lasting change usually lasts from three to six months.  The nature of the goals and the changes you wish to make will determine the length of time that makes sense for you.