If you don’t have the peace and harmony in your family life that you desire,
then you haven’t yet discovered what you need to do to get it!
Because it IS possible...

Small shifts in how you parent can produce
BIG RESULTS in reducing conflict, meltdowns, and defiance.

I will help you discover the key elements that will open the door to
mutual respect and cooperation at home…

and transform your experience of parenting from a struggle to a joy!

Hi, I’m Sherri Boles-Rogers, a certified Parenting Coach and Family Communication Specialist (and more importantly—a mom).  As a new year approaches, I'm looking forward to my next series of parenting classes which will begin in January, 2018 at Dunwoody Nature Center.  I look forward to the beginning of each series because I need community and support myself to be the kind of parent that I want to be...a mom who is calm, competent and connected to her kids!

Starting January 9, 2018, I'll be facilitating the next round of live parenting classes based on the book, Connection Parenting, by Pam Leo.  This is my introductory parenting class series and is wildly popular with those who have  taken the series and integrated the concepts and strategies into their homes.

This series is a great place to start with raising your consciousness around parenting and building new skills to bring peace and ease into your family.  I encourage you to sign up if you want to continue with your commitment to learn and grow as a parent so you can bring your best self to the job.

Sherri came highly recommended, so I invited her to speak at our preschool. She gave a wonderful presentation to our parents on How to Survive the Pressure-Cooker Moments. The parents came away with new insights into what causes those melt-down moments and how to work with them--or even better, how to prevent them. Her emphasis is on building a strong relationship while the children are young so that you don't run into too many snags in the adolescent and teen years. It's the same proactive approach we take with building relationships with the young children in our care at the preschool.

Jane Newman-Executive Director of Dunwoody Prep

I will recommend this class to every parent I know! The benefits are too numerous to list here but I will say although much of my life was a rehearsal for parenting as the oldest of multiple siblings and cousins, this course transformed my life.

Julia W.

Sherri is amazing. I recommend that every busy parent make time to take one of her classes. I can't thank her enough for all her help to my family.

Eileen, Dunwoody mom of 3 kids

Sherri's classes help you to understand how you play a key part in helping your children to be happier, and that what you do AND who you are make a difference. This class is needed by most parents, well before their children reach teenage years.

James Williams

Do you ever….

  • scream and yell at your children and then feel guilty afterwards?
  • dread going through the “pressure-cooker” moments each and every day?
    (you know the ones—getting out the door in the morning, regrouping after work/school, and at bedtime)
  • feel overwhelmed and stressed and operating from an empty cup?
  • feel resentful that you give and give and never seem to get much in return?
  • nag and make threats to try to get your kids to cooperate?
  • sometimes not enjoy being a mom (or a dad)?
  • wish you had a magic wand to get some peace and ease?

You’re not alone!  But parenting doesn’t have to be this way.
With some awareness, new techniques to practice,  and the wisdom and support of
other committed parents--you can bring the fun and enjoyment back into parenting.

Connection Parenting

Connection Parenting:

Parenting through connection instead of coercion,
through love instead of fear

In this 8-week class series you will learn how to:

  • parent proactively so that you're spending your time enjoying your kids instead of putting out fires
  • get to the root of the problem when your child is “acting out”
  • move through family conflict with more ease and grace
  • create a home space where your kids feel safe and nurtured
  • reclaim your confidence as a parent knowing that whatever comes up, you can handle it


“As a family physician I advise a lot of parents on issues around child raising. I took the Connection Parenting course, and have recommended it to countless patients over the years. The feedback was consistently positive. It’s great this information is becoming more accessible; I love the idea of parenting groups coming together to learn and practice Connection Parenting. This book will have an Oprah sticker on it before you know it!”

  - Leigh D. Baker, D.O., Family Physician


“The groundbreaking book Connection Parenting powerfully and effectively addresses root causes of many ills in our society--alienation, violence, substance abuse, depression and other mental illnesses. Pam Leo's clear vision of how to foster bonding and attachment at the beginning of life and to sustain it through continuing connection with children offers practical assistance for families everywhere. ”

- Kent W. Peterson, MD, former Executive Vice President American College of Preventive Medicine

COST:   $224  per person for the 8-week series (includes a copy of the book, Connection Parenting).  [+ $112 per person for each additional adult in the same household, i.e. co-parent, grandparent, caregiver]
Pay in full or split into 3 payments ($50 to reserve your space, $87 due by 1st class, $87 due by 5th class).

*Special REFRESHER rate if you've been through the Connection Parenting classes before and would like a review...$99 discount.

RESERVE:  A $50 per person deposit is required to hold your space.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  If you must cancel, you will receive a full refund if you cancel by Dec. 19, 2017. If you cancel after Dec. 19, you will forfeit the $50 deposit or you may apply the deposit to future classes or coaching services.

CLASS LOCATION:  Classes will meet at Dunwoody Nature Center, 5343 Roberts Drive, Dunwoody, GA 30338

MORE INFO:  If you would like more information about the series, call Sherri at 678.362.3889 or email at sherri@parentingheart.com.  If you would like to register and pay your deposit by check rather than online, please email Sherri for instructions.

TUESDAY MORNINGS DON'T WORK FOR YOU?:  Send me an email at sherri@parentingheart.com of when you would like a class and if enough people are interested in another day/time, I'll add it.

Connection Parenting

Tuesday Mornings



  • Jan 9 - Feb 27 TUES MORNINGS
  • 8 weeks starting Jan 9
  • 9:15 - 11 am
reserve your spot

What are you waiting for?

Every day that you don't get the support you need in order for your family to thrive is a day you can never get back.
Make 2018 the year you take your parenting to the next level with helpful insights, inspiration, and encouragement to show up as the best parent you can be for your kids.

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