Special Offers

Special  offer to bring parenting classes to your home, school, church, synagogue, workplace, or other organization.   

Get a group of at least 8  people (including you) together and the organizer gets the series for only $112! ($224 for couple) + I waive my travel fee to come to you if that’s what you want.

The classes are presented as an 8-week series, meeting weekly for 90-120 minutes  (or call Sherri for weekend workshop options). Price is $224 per person–or $336 per couple (and includes the book).

If you have a group of 8 minimum that would like to participate in a (1) Connection Parenting , (2) Respectful Parents Respectful Kids, or (3) Parenting From Your Heart, please contact Sherri at 678.362.3889 to discuss your options.

You, as the Group Organizer, are responsible for the following:

* promotion of the event
* main contact person
* collect checks/money payments from everyone by first class (other than those paying by paypal)
* send out reminders for each class
* handle all logistical details and communication to group
(other than weekly email check-ins from the facilitator)
* provide venue for meetings (if MORE than 12 people)
(my classroom space will only hold 12 people)

Basically,  you handle everything and I just show up!   You, as Organizer, attend at a great discount!   Your friends love you for being proactive and making this family-transforming class series  happen for them.   It’s a win-win-win!