Compassionate Communication in the Classroom

TU TeamParentingHeart is branching out from families to the classroom!  I’m excited to share that I have joined the adjunct faculty team at Thomas University to teach Compassionate Communication to Educators in the Master’s Degree program.  Compassionate Communication (sometimes called Nonviolent Communication) is also the basis for the parenting approach I teach. Bringing Compassionate Communication into the classroom has been a dream of mine for over a decade!
This is yet another way to impact the lives of children by training educators on how to build a classroom environment conducive to the development of the students’ optimal emotional health and emotional intelligence…which in turn increases their capacity for learning.


This week the educators are introducing Connection Circles in their classrooms as a way to build connection, trust and community among the students and teachers.  Here’s what one educator had to say about her experience:


“I never realized that this sort of connection was so effective in a classroom and that students would be so open to the process.  I see now how the circles can create a community of learners that are truly connected.”  

This cutting-edge program is led by Director of Education, Dr. Susan Lynn, at Thomas University…and hopefully…coming soon to a school near you!