BENDO AT THE WINDOW (an Elf on the Shelf remix)

elf at windowHave you ever wondered how Santa can know if you’re getting better at self-control each year as you grow?  For hundreds of years it’s been a big secret.  It now can be shared if you promise to keep it.
At holiday time Santa gives me a turn to watch and report on the skills that you’ve learned. My job’s an assignment from Santa himself. And I am his helper and a great scout elf!
My name is Bendo and I’m the eldest of elves.  I’m really good at observing, if I do say so myself!  All day I am peering through the windows of your house though you may never see me for I’m as quiet as a mouse.
I watch for the ups and I watch for the downs…for each family goes through them no matter in what town. I see when you lose it (and when mom and dad does too).  I know you’re all doing the best you can do.
Your brain is still wiring; you’re learning each day how to manage your emotions when your nerves feel frayed.  It helps when your parents can model for you how to breathe when you’re angry, how to mourn when you’re blue.
Each night as you’re sleeping to Santa I’ll fly…to the North Pole right through the night sky.  Of course Christmas magic helps me to be quick.  I laugh with my friends and report to St. Nick.  I see your improvements and on that I report.  Santa knows that you’re trying; he’s a really good sport.
I’ll tell him if your efforts have paid out yet or not; the news of the day doesn’t affect him a lot.  He knows that you’ll learn at your pace and besides, he knows his own happiness comes from inside.  Not from how you behave or what you do…his main job is just to love and encourage you.
I’ll be back at your home before you’re out of the bed, looking forward to observing the day ahead. There are no hard and fast rules but I do have a request. If you see me, come hug me and then I’ll feel blessed.  For my magic grows stronger when I share it with you and feeling connected brings happiness too.
The gleam in my eye and my bright little smile shows you I’m listening and your words are worthwhile. I’ll listen to you tell me your wishes, wants and needs.  It’s good that you know them, that’s how to proceed.  For once you know your needs, you can bet…there’s lots of choices on how to get them met.
So keep on trying and when you make a mistake, just say you’re sorry and do a remake.  Nobody’s perfect, not even near.  Just give it your best and keep improving each year.  There’s no need to worry that you won’t measure up. Forget that misguided Elf on the Shelf who’s forever turning the pressure up.
Santa will never try to punish or coerce.  He knows you can’t make a child behave better by making him feel worse. He long ago threw out those words “naughty” and “nice” when he discovered motivation from the outside comes at too high a price. Santa will love you no matter what you choose.  His love is the kind you can’t earn and can’t lose.
The night before Christmas my job’s at an end. The rest of the year with Santa I’ll spend. And you’ll keep on growing and learning and oh my! I bet I won’t recognize you the next time I come by. Of course I’ll miss you but wait till next year.  When the holidays come I’ll again reappear. To celebrate all the ways you have grown. And to let you know that you’re never alone.
Until then I wish every girl and each boy a Christmas of peace and a year full of joy.
with love,
*Please forgive my friend Elf on the Shelf.  He’s young and still learning.