Sherri's class was fantastic, providing very practical, immediately usable methods for relating better to your kids. Her concepts gave me a new understanding about how my kids think and what it might be like being on the other end of my expressed frustration. I recommend her class for anyone with kids, period. You can have cooperative kids and benefit from this class!
Deanne Vanke, Dunwoody

I will recommend this class to every parent I know! The benefits are too numerous to list here but I will say although much of my life was a rehearsal for parenting as the oldest of multiple siblings and cousins, this course transformed my life.

Thank you so much for showing me a new way to raise my kids. I feel it's a gift for life.

During family dinners I would battle with my kids to sit still, don’t blow bubbles, use your napkin, etc. Sound familiar? This friction at the dinner table was just one of the many battles I would try to win throughout my daily routine as a mom. Wow, how my life has changed…. Sherri taught me how to connect with my children and she opened my eyes to the importance of addressing their needs in addition to mine. Now we have quiet, calm well-mannered dinners mixed with occasional dance-party dinners and colored bubble-blowing contests. Now that they trust that I’ll meet their needs for fun and play, they are more willing to meet my needs for order and ease when I request good manners at dinner. It’s a win-win, because I stopped to understand my children’s world rather than force them to join mine. And best of all, I get to engage with my children at dinner rather than nag them about manners. Thank you Sherri!
mom to 3 children; ages 8, 6, 4, Atlanta, GA

Speaking as a professional life coach, I highly recommend Sherri's parenting classes. The topics discussed are practical and relevant to parents who have children of all ages, and the short, in-class activities and homework really does makes parenting easier. Sherri strikes a perfect balance between speaking, listening, and encouraging discussion, and the atmosphere in the classes is safe, open, and supportive. Sign-up for her classes as soon as you can - you'll be grateful for the rest of your life - and your children will too!
James Williams, FreeSpirit Health & Life Coaching, Atlanta

One of the parents at our school took Sherri’s Connection Parenting class series and raved about how transformational it has been for her family, so I invited Sherri to come speak at our preschool. She gave a wonderful presentation to our parents on How to Survive the Pressure-Cooker Moments. The parents came away with new insights into what causes those melt-down moments and how to work with them–or even better, how to prevent them. I especially liked her emphasis on building a strong relationship while the children are young so that you don’t run into too many snags in the adolescent and teen years. It’s the same proactive approach we take with building relationships with the young children in our care at the preschool.
Jane Newman, Executive Director, Dunwoody Prep

Motherhood is my #1 job and the role I always knew I wanted to do since I was a little girl. Thank you for allowing me to feel empowered, strong, helpful, nurturing/loving, educated and resourceful in my parenting (and other areas of my life).

Connection Parenting has truly helped me grow as a mother. Being more aware of how I handle situations with my daughter has helped us create a stronger connection and a happier household.

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